Pathetic Sevco launch petition to derail Hibs Euro adventure.

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Sevco fans have launched an online petition to try and ban Hibernian FC from entering into European competition next season. This extraordinary act of spite was picked up on by the Daily record of all publications. They have since given this ludicrous proposition oxygen.


At the time of writing the petition already has 7902 signatures. I am sure there will be many more. The idea that Hibs should be sanctioned for the behaviour of their fans who overwhelmingly ran onto the ground to celebrate, not to instigate is a form of collective punishment that they themselves have escaped many times for their “Hunish”  behaviour.


If allegations against fans of either team are found to be true then those fans should be banned. Attacks on players from any team are a disgrace. The same can be said for the men in blue who attempted to ‘grab’ a child on the middle of the pitch.

But to try and stymie the dreams of a club starved of a Scottish Cup European adventure are just sick, shallow and pathetic.

They may be a new club, but their fans haven’t changed a bit.