Sevco conspiracy theorists beaten by the unseen hand

Image for Sevco conspiracy theorists beaten by the unseen hand


Charging at windmills. Repeating the same behaviour over and over again and expecting a different result. Banging your head against the wall.

Sevco fans, why don’t you just stop trying to unravel the tangled web?

Don’t you know it’s going nowhere?

Don’t you know it leads to madness, delusion, self destruction?

Oh wait … you already suffer from the first two … and you’ve proven very adept at the third.

Okay then … but for your own sakes, stop with this before it’s too late.

Today’s news that  have rejected, in full, the  case on which so many of you were depending for good news … is it really a surprise?

Don’t you know this is … senseless?

Don’t you know that  runs … well, everything?

Come on, this is just lunacy.

You’re a mouse fighting a gorilla, to nick a cracking phrase from Oliver Stone’s JFK.

Here’s another, but I’m paraphrasing this one;

“We’re through the looking glass here people. Whyte is Green. And Green is Whyte.”

So bark at the moon. Flog the dead horse. Plow the sands.

If you must.


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