In 2012 there was a very funny Youtube animation called “Explaining debt to a H*n” I am sure you have seen it, if not it is here below, spend 4 minutes giggling and wonder at how the evolutionary failures still are yet to Progres.

Nothing has changed.

As the HMRC over estimation squirrel was released by the Times, 6 months after being let out of its cage, The People rejoiced, I like many of you received messages from members of the Klan who I know personally and their jubilance was unparalleled.

Here was the evidence, the smoking gun, the way to save the Oldco (which is already the same old Rangers regardless of course) the conspiracy, the point of blame and did someone say 50 million pounds!

Of course it has taken all of 1 Tweet from HMRC to shut up the SMSM and the deluded have switched from hyperbole to their more resonant state which exists between anger, confusion and fallen supremacy.

They are due no money back, the face painter is maybe due a few quid more, that was clear from the outset, but this 6 degrees of separation logic which has them playing the victim card due to the perception of the extent of their debt being so high as to lay blame at HMRC for their demise is nonsensical at best.

The facts are Rangers never survived long enough to have these numbers debated before a court, Whyte withheld PAYE and HMRC rejected a CVA, this had nothing to do with the at that stage contested Big Tax Case.

Had they qualified for the Champions League group stages instead of being humped out in Sweden and not lost the Title in the bag, they would have survived to see that court date and the bill may well have come down.

As it was, they blew it on and off the field, died and then started the Sevco sitcom with Tims swapping jelly and ice cream for popcorn in record numbers.

7 years on the laughs continue, the Newco is a lot closer than before, both to Celtic on the ladder and another Administration event spliced with impending court action.

Between now and the winter break, Sevco will need to perform on and off the field, or we may well see us pull clear, them run out of money, sell Morelos for a song like they did Jelavic, Administrators called in and a massive bill awaiting them all the while once the courts get MASH his chunk of flesh.

Sound like 2011…