Pedro banned Green boots, Gerrard cuts allocation, another stupid reactionary move

You have got to love Sevco’s need to protect their culture, their insular way of thinking about everything and how nonsensical little things like the colour of your shoes or the amount of Tims laughing at you in your own stadium are causes for WATP being reinforced.

Just a couple of weeks after The Peepul had their allocation cut for Hibernian and squealed that it would be a safety issue, they are now going to jam 900 Celts into a corner at Mordor.

This will have 2 positive actions for their club and 2 negative:

The first positive is that they will have access to more home tickets, the second that we won’t be as noisy cheering Celtic on to victory.

The negatives however outweigh this substantially, Celtic now no longer need to keep 7,000 seats free for 2 games a year, we can now sell far more season tickets.

Secondly, at nearly 50 pounds a ticket for Glasgow Derby tickets they will have the joy of paying for over 6,000 of those whilst we pay for a mere 900.

So in short this will cost them more, take money out of their pockets and give Celtic the opportunity to sell more season tickets and guarantee more revenue.

7000 season tickets at 400 pounds is 2.8 million pounds of additional revenue Celtic can possibly earn should those season tickets sell out over the summer.

About half of what we are spending on stadium upgrades and about what Martin Skrtel would cost if we had a business plan of buying old washed up players with no resale value.

Gerrard like Pedro before him has learned if you can’t beat them on the field, you can always carry on like a 4-year-old off it.





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