Peepul happy no visit from Doc

The national day of concomitant laughter which accompanies a massive club being told to get back under their rock has a subtext to it.

Was Derek McInnes 10 year long coaching and managerial partner Tony Docherty part of the reason he turned the Sevco approach down?

Not for the mooted 200,000 quid extra, it would have taken for the Newco to bring him to the Govan club, but due to cultural issues well known to the Peepul.

There have been quite a few posts on the forums and on social media from the blue side who are happy that Timmy isn’t coming to their 5-star stadium.

I am not suggesting that Sevco are a pack of bigots who are desperate for a quintessentially British manager.

Maybe the East Kilbride man just didn’t get it…



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