Penalties for free, no penalties and injured Celts, the SFA’s triple tactic to stop the 10

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The weekend has given us a glimpse of what the next 2 and a half years will be like should we maintain our winning run, our masters at the lodge have clearly had enough and only a concerted wave of cheating will do.

Firstly there are the penalties that will be awarded by men who have banners hung in their names or who are old season ticket holders, sons of favourite whistler blowers or like minded folk from the Lanarkshire group of men in black.

Paul Larkin has made some excellent films including Anyone But Celtic, ABC is itself a masterpiece of explanation of the ingrained cheating of Scotlands officials, if you have a spare hour then i encourage you to watch it.

Now as the title of this post suggests i see 3 ways of stopping the 10, firstly Sevco are going to merely need to get to the proximity of the box and fall over to get a penalty, not even in the box, not even be touched.

Secondly Celtic have no chance of getting a penalty, you can kick us in the midriff as happened to Christie, slide straight through the player as happened to Burke or bat the ball out with your hand as happened last week, all of them were stone wallers.

I don’t believe the incident with Edouard was a penalty, they both went for the ball and essentially Eddie kicked the studs more than he was stomped on, it looks bad in slow motion but not a penalty for mine, i wont complain for every decision, just those that are as clear as day like what happeed seconds before with Christie.

Now in that melee comes the 3rd edge to the Mason sword, injuries and lots of them, when the opposition knows they can kick us pillar to post we are going to get a lot of players crocked, this attrition is going to even up the squads.

Stop the 10 is a desperate ploy by the Masons with whistles, they are distraught at being so powerless, for all their help the Newco keeps dropping points, they have decided that they mean to effect the balance of footballing power in the strongest possible terms.

Anyone But Celtic will do.

It is time for the club to demand an open inquiry into the refereeing standards and to have those who cannot make simple decisions sent back to the juniors, only then will we have a fair playing field to play on.