Penniless King finds 11 million lies under his bed

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The BBC has reported that Dave King who swore under oath that he is penniless has come up with 11 million pounds through his trusts.

These trusts had his money locked up so we were told and he was ‘penniless’ now at the 11th hour he has come up with the money to avoid being cold-shouldered.

King said in a statement reported on the BBC:

“Supporters will be aware of the Takeover Panel’s ruling last year that I must make an offer to the non-concert party minority shareholders of the Rangers International Football Club PLC.

“I have defended this ruling on the basis that any offer should not come from me but should be made by one of my trust companies.

“The Takeover Panel has relented to my request for which I am grateful. I confirm that tt will be announced today that one of my trust companies will now proceed and shall within a short period make a fully funded offer in compliance with the normal requirements of the Takeover Panel.”