Penniless owner, 4p in the £ settlement, 400k for Pedro, time to buy McInnes

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This week has seen the dirty washing of two Ibrox teams aired in the SMSM and written about at length by Internet Bampots.

We have seen the tiny offer to the creditors of the Oldco, a mere 4p in the pound for 276 businesses shafted by Moonbeams experiment at supremacy.

We have seen the wee tax case pop back up relating to £2.8 million pounds of unpaid tax which should have barred the Oldco from competing in the Champions League.

We all laughed as we saw the Pedro pantomime come to an end and heard of a £400k payoff, we then scratched our heads upon hearing he hasn’t been paid… don’t hold your breath on that one Brother.

But before Pedro is paid off and freed of the contractual constraints which are holding him back from returning to work in Mexico, talk has begun on a compensation deal for McInnes.

The generally accepted number is £1.5 million, where on earth are Sevco going to get this money on top of £400k owed to Pedro?

Phil and JJ have been reporting since the summer that the Newco has been in need of external financing before a ball was kicked.

Indeed before Niederkorn horsed them out of Europe they had it appears spent the season ticket money on assembling the best squad in Scotland.

So if we presume they are living month to month, where are they going to come up with the money to clear their existing debts?

Wait for the Aberdeen fans reaction if McInnes is allowed to leave for Ibrox.

I hope McInnes goes to Mordor, his record vs Celtic is abysmal and if he leaves Aberdeen that club will fall to bits, he will take a few off them in January and they will plummet.

But if I were Stewart “moving along” Milne then I would be asking for the money for McInnes up front as I would with any prospective player transfers.

Otherwise, as this week has highlighted you will be getting stiffed for a portion of it in 5 or 6 years time.

Their club is exhibiting all the same behaviours as the last one, spending hand over fist, moonbeams for everyone, dont worry, big club equals big budget and the best have to go to Rangers for it is a dream move and such.

The realities are that they are owned by a penniless crook, their board are a pack of spivs, they are broke, are 5 months overdue in the publishing of accounts and are paying Alves, Pena and Herrera £30k each per week to do nothing before a crumbling stadium full of delusion.

So what do you do to fix these things?

Spend, spend, spend.