Pittodrie massacre beckons

Sevco are in the fight of their 4 year old lives today when they go to a less than diplomatic Aberdeen.

The Sheep don’t buy into the continuity myth and don’t mind reminding Sevco that they remember 2012.

The media sees this as ‘gibes’ at The Rangers, it is in fact merely having the bravery to state the facts.

Sevco in the petulant way of course utter a few slogans about being Ra Peepul or how nobody likes us and pretend the rest of us were not listening.

But i promise you, Scotland eyes turn to the north today where we may see a phenomena unknown in my lifetime: An Ibrox club getting gubbed regularly.

I want to sit down and enjoy another 5-1!

Players i don’t like when they play against us like Logan and Rooney will be my heroes for 90 minutes this afternoon if they can dismember the Newco.

Many commentators in recent times have alluded to an intellectual construct highly valued by the Hun: Superiority.

If you take their superior thinking away then the whole charade will come falling down.

You can pretend to be the same old Rangers when your top of the League, you cant pretend when you’re sitting seventh, getting gubbed regularly and having played a game more.

It is time for Scotland to take her chance and bludgeon the Tribute Act into submission.

We must break their thinking in the stands as much as Dads Army on the pitch.

To live in a world whereby the oldest in the house is also the youngest, the most successful also the least successful is a contradiction that is ripping Scottish football to bits.

We cant suffer this drivel forever.

It is time to put a pin in the balloon and nothing will burst the Orcs superior thinking like a couple of good ol fashioned gubbings.

Aberdeen have them away and Hearts have them home and away before Celtic arrive on Hogmanay.

The opportunity to turn Sevco’s “Going for 55” thinking into “trying to stay up” in this period is unique and something i truly wish to savour.

Sevco’s supporters live in a state of perpetual delusion, you can hear it in the tone of  their voices as they recite the same garbage about holding companies, metaphysical entities or ethereal concepts of the legal personality of a football club.

I know it is all gibberish to me too, wow they pulled out the thesaurus to find some terms to explain away their Shame.

But as they delude themselves they have had reason too, they have after all been promoted 3 out of 4 years and won a wee cup too.

That’s a trophy a year, they are accustomed to success, their gaffer wears a magic hat… then reality bites.

Premiership away days are a bitch and there 19 scheduled for Them.

If there is one bright point for Sevco, they wont have to play Celtic, Hearts and Aberdeen 4 times this year.



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