Police Scotland statement on racist march slammed as they provide security for it.

Image for Police Scotland statement on racist march slammed as they provide security for it.

You really have to wonder what century we are living in, there are people marching up and down streets bleating on about 1690 like it was yesterday and singing hate filled songs patently aimed at one community, all the time with many complaining this alleged cultural practice is allowed to persist.

The police came out in the week talking about the right for communities to hold “processions.”

Now they are fielding complaints over their racist nature whilst at the same time providing security for them and failing to intervene when the law is broken.

What times we live in, Police Scotland statement below.

“We are aware that on a number of occasions today there have been outbreaks of racist and sectarian singing by some of those attending to support the Orange Order processions, this is utterly unacceptable and we completely condemn this behaviour.

“Where possible, we are seeking to take action against those intent on causing harm and dividing our communities, we have already made arrests in connection with various offences and will continue to do so where required. With large crowds gathering today, our main priority has been public safety and to ensure minimum disruption to the wider public.

“Once again, we see a number of people intent in causing offence and stirring up hatred by singing unacceptable sectarian and racist songs, I want to again condemn this behaviour in the strongest possible terms.

“It is clear that sectarianism remains a serious, ongoing problem in Scotland and whilst policing has an important role in tackling this type of behaviour, this is a collective problem and needs to be addressed in a collective, collaborative manner.”

Or add your own message on Twitter, many Celts are bewildered as to why they provide protection for this at the tax payers expense and do not uphold the laws of the land.

If it were against any other community, maybe we should start marching celebrating the death of the English empire and stopping off at their churches and cultural centres… in other thoughts that behaviour would be pure….

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