Poll result: Majority favour Murrayfield over Hampden

Yesterday i had a poll on the site asking whether Hampden should retain its status as the home of football or if the SFA should move glamour ties to Murrayfield in Edinburgh.

Even though it would result in more travel for Celtic fans, the clear majority wanted a move to the better facilities on offer at Murrayfield.

The vote wasn’t huge but it was clear and some of the comments about Hampden were scathing.

There was, however, one impassioned plea to keep the National Stadium and with very good reasoning behind his argument.

Very valid points, especially about using other football stadiums, with Hearts renovations nearly complete, Easter Road in good shape and Aberdeen looking to build a new stadium, there are plenty of options away from cavernous Hampden.

Motherwell had to give their allocation to watch Moult skelp them out of the cup, Why not play a game where each team has half of Tynecastle instead?

Of course, there is always a joker and Andy Morrow wins the internet for the day.

The funny thing is, I bet there are people over there who believe that.

If you wish to vote the poll is still open, click here.



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