Poll results are in: 98% say Strip Them bare.

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Firstly i would like to thank all respondents, there were 3384 votes and just 62 took the option of doing moving along without stripping.

2595 or 77% of respondents wanted the titles stripped and non awarded.

727 or 21% of respondents contended that the titles should be reallocated to the team that came second, that team of course being Celtic.

John from Lancashire (surname erased) won the internet for the day.

The comments section through up a magnificent analogy by a Celt from Preston.

The Lancashire Celt stated that for starters the 50th title is both momentous and within our grasp, lets earn that as we earned the rest.

More to the point, lets keep this stain on the Scottish game forever in the history books.

Let the asterisks dot the almanac, so that in a century we can still point at their cheating and use it is an example of how NOT to run a football club.

I have today screen shot the poll results and posted them to twitter tagging Celtic, The SFA, UEFA and FIFA.

If you are on twitter then join the conversation and let our club and the organisations it belongs to know that the LNS commission will not stand, this must go to the CAS.

I am not expecting replies, but i hope the results are duly noted.

This issue is not going to go away, Celtic fans are not going to do moving on.

If this were us we would have been fined millions and stripped of our titles in an instant.

Who honestly believes any other club on earth would receive this treatment?

Rangers (IL) are dead, the Oldco’s records will never rise again, but they may fall.

If the Supreme Court comes back as expected with an equally damning ruling on the EBT years, this will necessitate a new commission.

One which instead of being Independent of legal rules, be independent of the SFA instead.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport is the only forum whereby a truly independent and binding outcome can be reached.

If the Swiss find that 49 million pounds of illegal payments to International players from various countries does not provide a sporting advantage then i will accept that.

I think there is more chance of Switzerland closing its banking sector down than not finding a sporting advantage.

Educated people have a hard time lying to save face, they find it in fact does the opposite.

The Oldco’s records are at hand, their jingoism, pride and alleged world records on the chopping block.