Poll: Should Celtic TV broadcast all our Reserve and junior team’s matches?

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Yesterday was a sore loss to the Newco, regardless of what level it is a defeat always hurts against that mob, especially when we are playing for a trophy.

On a positive note i thought that Celtic TV were fantastic, I have had a subscription for over 10 years and even though Tom Boyd and Paul Cudihy are likely the most biased commentary team this side of the former East Germany, I love them.

Their bias is infectious, I never get bored of hearing Boyd complain about the referees or hear the screams of ‘The ball’s in the back of the net!’ the commentary is well worth the monthly subscription.

Last night the commentary was far more reasoned, the production with fewer cameras and replays but nonetheless a very good job by all involved, it beckons the question, should we have the Development League and our juniors competitions broadcast live on Celtic TV?

It would certainly make Mondays a whole lot more entertaining.

Should Celtic TV broadcast all of our reserve matches?

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Come home and watch the Development team play, they could handy schedule the matches for 6 pm so folk could get home from work and watch the matches.

If this were to come about there are pros and cons to the decision.

Pros would be it would provide more exposure for our up and coming players as well as be a marketing ploy for Celtic TV, getting 2 matches a week or even more would certainly make it more appealing to prospective subscribers.

Cons would be that it would let our opposition see our up and coming players and do their homework accordingly, also it would likely cost more to run the production, even though most games have a camera at them.

For myself, a club like Celtic shouldn’t be worried with who sees our up and coming stars, anyone graded to the first team should be head and shoulders above the rest of Scotland.

As for the cost, it comes down to will the club make more from new subscriptions than it will spend on wages to cover the games, we already have the equipment and studios to host the production.

If the SFA won’t let us attend the matches we want, why not broadcast them live? I would much rather watch Celtic than anything else on TV.