Poll: Should the Daily Record be banned from Celtic Park?

First and foremost Indycelts would like to offer the most sincere condolences to the Miller family in this awful time, we all know what it is like to grieve, few can imagine it at such a tender age.

That Liam’s wife is now a widow and his 3 children now are without a father is no joking matter, it is not a time for point scoring, not a time for banter, not a time to try and make a couple of quid.

The Daily Record has not merely overstepped the line, they have vomited their bile all over it.

We are used to those who have suffered being singled out for attacks from a certain demographic, those who have died, been raped or starved to death are seen as fair game by the same people who buy this disgusting paper.

So I put to you the question, why on earth do we allow people so completely outside our ethos to be able to make money off our own values?

Those values are freedom of the press, a club open to all, that we are indeed More than a club.

But I imagine if the Biffers bought a paper we would choose to keep them out, so why not the Daily Record?

Even The (F@ck the) Sun isn’t this bad.

I encourage bloggers, Bampots and bloody pissed off Tims to vote, write and agitate for this.

Should Celtic ban the Daily Record from Paradise?

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