Poppy blooms early in Perth

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Today Celtic fans will be asked to remember the Black and Tans who raped the Irish after WWI and those who oversaw the starvation of 4 million Bengalis in 1942, yes it is time to honour the serviceman of the British Army.

That this anachronism has anything to do with football is beyond me, we just had the Germans over and they were a fantastic group of fans, players and media, let it go.

We hold up a Palestinian flag to highlight a contemporary issue and we get a fine, but here a week from remembrance day we are to turn our minds back to the Flanders field.

This is ridiculous and the SFA should have nothing to do with this overtly political symbol.

What makes this all the more ridiculous is that it is not the 11th of November, instead, we are treated to sycophant Saturday a week early.

I can understand if a game falls on a day of importance that there can be a small commemoration, but a week early?

Why not have one a month early? 2 months, hell lets have one afterward as well.

This is not an opportunity to honour the fallen on an auspicious day, it is a wedge being driven into the clubs support.

You can bet there will be plenty of microphones and cameras pointed at the Celtic support, if there is so much as one ounce of noise it will fill column inches across the SMSM.

There should be no such opportunity, football we Celtic supporters are told is football, it isn’t about religion, politics, history, culture and the like.

Next time someone says that to you, ask them to tell it to the SFA.

They love living in the past.