Poppy madness begins in September with “Shipyard loyal” edition

Image for Poppy madness begins in September with “Shipyard loyal” edition

And so it begins, the Poppy fascists will be out yelling at us all that we are disloyal and dishonouring the troops of yore for not wearing a poppy, something neither of my grandfathers ever did, unlike the Oldco players who hid in the shipyards, both fought in WWII.

The pure stupidity of this retrospective holiday and show of loyalty is akin to a tack on bill in the US Senate whereby a bill on health will have an extra tidbit of a pay raise here or a tax concession there thrown into the horse trade.

All British wars since WWI are covered by the Poppy and it honours the service of those who imprisoned 3 million in Kenya during the Mau Mau genocide, it honours the murderers in Derry on Bloody Sunday and celebrates Blair’s illegal war for oil in Iraq.

I agree with what James McLean has often said, that if it were just for those who fought in the World Wars then why not wear one with pride, but by including some of the worst atrocities of the last 100 years within the semantics of the poppy then it is a fundamentally apologist symbol.

One whereby we are meant to overlook all the bad caused by so many in remembrance of either those who went to fight the Kings cousin or those who went to fight Prince Philips family who populated the Gestapo.

Apparently it has something to do with loyalty.

It will not be long before we have the same old concrete farmers calling us scum for not bowing to this retro tradition or featuring on Piers Morgan’s latest TV show before he walks out on it too.

Never forget.

Oh and keep that blood stained poppy off our shirts too.

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