Poppy now remembered for all the wrong reasons

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It is that time of the year when your character will be judged on how obedient you are to those who demand loyalty not only to the dead of the World Wars but also to the members of all services in all conflicts.

That is to remember the Raj and its reign of terror over 350 million people, left with the scars of famine and dispossession reaching its zenith with Partition, war and now a nuclear standoff over Kashmir.

It is to remember all the straight lines on the map of Africa which lumped different races inside and out of colonial territories and has lead to ethnic and religious wars ever since.

Not to say the effect of the white farmers from Kenya, Rhodesia and South Africa who imposed the most disgusting conditions imaginable on these countries .

Where the indigenous population has a life expectancy under 40 year, wages are less than a dollar a day and the number of infected people with AIDS without access to health care is soaring.

Lets not even bring up Apartheid, they can blame the Boers they rounded up into concentration camps for that.

In Latin America the English are known as Piratas or Pirates as that is where that little country began its world of conquest, stealing gold from the Spanish in the Carribean.

They also stole Islands who they brought African slaves to like Trinidad and in the far south took Argentinian land including Las Islas Malvinas (Falklands) and the South Sandwich Islands.

In North America, the Anglo Saxon be them Canadian or American showed no mercy to any of the indigenous people and the Americans themselves stole the states of California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Arizona and Utah.

In the Pacific, you can wear your Poppy with pride in Australia where the Indigenous population was obliterated, 500+ language groups and 80,000 years of habitation destroyed in decades.

All across Polynesia and Melanesia are the descendants of people who once traversed the sea in outrigger canoes and navigated by the stars, these people had their cultures destroyed and replaced with Cane farming.

When they didn’t work hard enough they brought Indians to Fiji with the ethnic troubles remaining to this day.

The sun never set on the British Empire, the rivers of blood it unleased flow into every ocean, every land was plundered, every people dispossessed, every religion told to convert.

I have omitted the crimes of the English in Ireland, 850 years of rape, murder, starvation and genocide would take to long to compile.

Forgive me for not wearing a Poppy this or any other year, I don’t believe in what it stands for and the sooner it is forgotten the better.