Pressure rises on Newco as Alfredo valuation tumbles

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We have been told that Alfredo Morelos will not be allowed to leave for 40 million quid in January, something that is very true as no one will pay it, but what if a bid of 5-8 million with add ons of a few million more came in?

You would say the Peepul would wake up to find out that their club would have bitten the hand for it, King, of course, isn’t in charge anymore, but he knows the finances, if enough comes through to cover their shortfall the board will take it.

There are 5 games for Sevco between now and the end of the year, tomorrow they try to qualify for the next round in Europe which is admirable, they have exceeded expectations and look a very good chance at home.

That would bring millions more in via prize money and another home gate, something that could be used to pay off MASH depending on the outcome of that court case.

Alfredo is now very much in the shop front window and to maximize returns he needs to be part of a team that progresses in Europe, wins domestically vs Motherwell, Hibernian and Kilmarnock and then scores in a victory against Celtic.

Failure to do this, particularly the last one will do nothing for his resale value, should he do them all including the last then expect the delusional numbers to come out again for the Colombian choker.

Sevco need to sell him, if they don’t then the external finance they need will need to come from unwilling or unable men in their boardroom.

An administration event would lead to a 15 point deduction as they are the same club don’t you know, it would also mean the administrators would cut costs sending players like Defoe back to England and selling Alf in the Summer for whatever the vultures will pay.

It would also result in a transfer ban for the summer, leaving whoever was behind Lafferty at Ibrox before he left, again, as the Newco’s striker to try and stop 10 in a row.

They need to get a good price for him, he must achieve over the next 3 weeks or the company that owns his club will suffer a similar fate to one that entered December determined to sell Jelavic for a fortune and let him go on the last day of the window for a paltry 5 million.

2 weeks later… well, like we say, If you know the history.

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