“Prodidas” launch repulsive 12th July copy Orange Sevco strip in Hummel vacuum

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Sevco, I swear to God it’s one of those things that makes you chuckle, as you chat with your friends on social media, just when your nice and relaxed, another dose of delusion comes along.

This time it is the staunchly named “Prodidas” isn’t content with a mere RFC, 5 tainted stars and an Orange jersey to display its loyalty, it has also juxtaposed the star hand and crown so loved by folk in the North of Ireland.

Indeed it is a 12 quid bargain in the vacuum whereby a kit maker reveals its designs knowing at some stage someone will copy it, they then give those copy traders a 2-month head start and find their deal constrained by hidden fine print only coming to light in the last days.

The quality of some of the rip-offs has also made Sevco’s glorious orange strip look like a school project from a group of young children.

That or made by Mum on her new sewing machine.

Yet again it shows really how far behind they are, in every way.