Puma mock Sevco, as Newco set to crawl back to MASH

Puma took a swipe at the pantomime this weekend in what looks to be a parting blow, but it beckons the question, who will print their merchandise next season?

Let us look at the footballing powerhouses, firstly New balance wouldn’t touch them wearing a radioactive proof suit, Umbro were rorted by Green after having their contract ripped up after he claimed it was with a different club and Puma haven’t even provided training gear for the recycling brigade at Ibrox.

Giants such as ADIDAS, Nike, FILA, Kappa and Diadora would lose money from Celtic fans boycotting their wares instead of making money, i would suggest next season we will see branding we have never heard of or no branding at all.

A lot will depend on if Dave Kings advertisement is taken as a prospectus by the Take Over Board who are within their rights to cold-shoulder the 6 year-olds.

If they are in fact cold-shouldered, there will be no merchandise deal, nor anyone to sell it.

If there is a merchandise deal you can be sure it will be for very little, Sevco’s behaviour has had Puma come out with an Aberdeen style 3rd jersey and now green boots to mock the Peepul, the industry has no doubt taken notice and understood why.

Should the Newco garner a few coins for a merchandise deal, who will distribute it?

The answer is the same as the man they drove out as they nearly drove their club broke, Mike Ashley and more particularly his business of Sport’s Direct.

The man who saved them with a 5 million quid loan and 5 Newcastle United players on loan will be chuckling when King and co come begging bowl in hand looking for a distributor.

Who else will touch them?

MASH has cleaned up this year, having his shares bought out at above market rates and receiving a substantial share of this years… er… I mean last years merchandise in a preseason fire sale.

His terms will be typical next season, he knows that it is his way or the highway.




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