Rangers drop Beale exit hint as “contact made” with former player to take over

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Things have gone from bad to worse for Michael Beale with the worst possible birthday present being dished out to him in the wake of his Glasgow Derby defeat at the hands of Celtic at Ibrox on Sunday.

Not just have the club chosen not to send him a happy birthday message, but it breaks convention with Sevco, they have sent one out since Gerrard arrived and also to Gio, now in the age of Instagram hints maybe Sevco have dropped their own.

Here are Rangers FC posts for Slippy during his tenure.

There may be nothing to it but with the room well and truly against Beale the conversation about his replacement has gone forward a little.

Apparently The Rangers have made an indirect approach to former player Kevin Muscat, if this is the case then it would be strange for Muscat to up and leave as his team are just 2 points off the top in the J League.

The last game is on December 3rd, he has just 8 games left in his season with 26 played out of the 34 match season.

Yokohama F Marinos will want substantial compensations to lose their manager in the run in and the City Group has deep pockets.

But if The Rangers are already starting to scout him out then the writing may well be on the wall for Beale.

Muscat would be a copy cat Poundland Postecoglou style appointment, poor old Rangers, always second.

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