Rangers fans rob 78 y/o charity worker for wearing green.

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Cancer widow John Burkhill has been robbed by Sevco fans before the Newco’s friendly win over Sheffield Wednesday.

The Star has reported that he was abused for wearing green, the same as Celtic.

This is a new low for Scotland’s Shame, banning green boots is one thing, attacking a man raising money for a Cancer foundation, himself in mourning for his beloved wife is another.

John has raised £750,000 by walking around the streets of Sheffield asking for donations, both Wednesday and United see him at their games regularly without incident.

But when Sevco came to town it was a Green rag to the hate mongers.

Speaking in the Star John said:

“But I can say I have never known anything like it in all the years I have been collecting.”

“I stand outside HIllsborough and outside Bramall Lane when Sheffield United are at home on every single match day and I won’t let this stop me.

“It was not good at the time and I learned some swear words I had never heard before – and all because I was wearing green like Celtic do.

“I took a lot of abuse but I stood my ground and didn’t let them stop me doing what I was there to do – to raise money for Macmillan – because it is too important to me.

“The Wednesday fans who know me saw all this happen and were upset because 95 per cent of them probably know me and it could have caused some real bother but it wasn’t all the Rangers fans so thankfully nothing else happened.”

Meanwhile, smoke bombs, Tommy Robinson and his plight at the hand of baited Celtic fans and not one word about the tributes or donations to Bradley Lowery are the order of the day for the SMSM.

I wonder if they will haul the Ibrox club over the coals for this.

Don’t hold your breath…