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Today social media is awash with misery from the blue side of the city, Ra Peepul are falling apart at the seams and everyone has a front row seat.

The criticism is almost universally being applied to the holy of holies, The Rangers Football Club.

It isn’t the players, nor the interim manager, the board or the referee, it is Rangers which is the issue.

People are talking about boycotting season tickets again to enforce change, others are noticing what we all know, this club is nothing like the Oldco and othersĀ are resigned to failure, not just this year but in the long term.

Talking points online are that The People need a new manager, a clean out of the team (again) and a war chest for the new manager (again).

All 3 look unlikely, on the first point the search for a new manager hasn’t so much stumbled as collapsed, the tried and tested method of getting the papers to do your work for you has again failed.

The comedy pieces trying to unsettle McInnes has been helpful… for Celtic, as the Dons have dropped their last 2 games since the speculation began.

On the Second point, no different to the first they can’t get rid of the players they have as they can’t afford to pay them off and no one will ever buy out their ridiculous wages.

On the third point, whoever is handed the poison chalice will likely have no transfer budget in January, he will however be able to recall 4 players from loan.

In fairness, Michael O’Halloran and Andy Halliday are both better players than those playing currently whilst Harry Forrester and Joe Dodoo are still better players than the omnipresent Candeias, the occasional Herrera and the drunken Pena.

All in all it is starting to dawn on the deluded, things aren’t going to get better.

In 37 days time the transfer window will open and Celtic will hopefully go and spend 5 to 10 million pounds on defensive reinforcements, there is no guarantee Sevco will have a gaffer by then let alone a budget.

With the bottom team beating them last night, their quest for 3 in a row is at hand, only it may well be 3 straight losses.

Aberdeen is scheduled to go up against the Newco away and then home with even more records up for grabs.

When was the last time Rangers lost to Aberdeen in consecutive meetings at Ibrox?

Something tells me there will be a lot of articles talking about it the morning after.

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