We have all heard the blue noses scream Peedo at us in reference to the Torbet scandal which they claim big Jock knew about, that was a shameful incident in our clubs history and one the club has been open and contrite about.

Across town, a man code-named David to protect his identity has had his life ruined by late Rangers youth coach Gordon Neely, a man who abused David when he was just 11 years old.

David has sought compensation from The Rangers who have conveniently said they are not the same company, or in reality the same club that existed when he was on the books.

It is typical of Sevco that all the titles and alleged World records belong to them whilst all the debts, lies and now abuse victims are the property of the liquidators.

That he has been sent to the liquidators means that there are now 277 creditors looking for recompense from the Oldco’s sins, none more deserving than David.

Most interestingly he doesn’t seem to be after a pot of gold, merely an apology so he can move on, speaking in the BBC David said:

 “And I’d like them to sit there and listen to me and realise the impact that it’s had and get an apology off them face-to-face. That’s my real goal.”

Instead, the Ibrox season ticket holder is being told the club he is watching is the same but since the owners are different the sins are not of its making.

If they are the same club then they should compensate David, sending him into the line with the face painter and taxi drivers is as low as it gets.

I wonder what they will write on their bonfires this July?

If it has anything to do with sweeping abuse under the rug on a tricolor then remember the 277th creditor.