Rangers site claims Ibrox team won 9 in a row twice!

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Remember when we started calling them Sevco and Pacific Shelf popped up for a comeback, a weak and flimsy one but one they hold onto against all reason, rationale, logic, or precedent? Well, the Peepul have just unearthed a forgotten run where the Oldco won 9 in a row twice!

This of course was when our players and in my own case both of my grandfathers were in a different shade of green fighting the fascists whilst others were busily working in the shipyards.

When my grandfathers returned I was never told to wear a poppy, bow to the flag or love the queen btw, funny how those things seem to be a retrospective prerequisite these days, but I digress.

I thought the plc was liquidated? Click the picture for original post

To claim from 1938/39 to 1946/47 offers several problems, the first of which is that the 1939/40 season was itself declared null and void with the Oldco leading by just 1 point after only 5 matches, the Emergency League was then played in Eastern and Western conferences which was won by the Oldco.

Remember that term Null and Void and breaking of a sequence?

Now I personally believe a consecutive sequence has nothing to do with the years they are played, just winning without any other team breaking your sequence, but their own arguments work against them here.

From 1940/41 onward to 1945/46 the Southern League was played in Scotland due to the Luftwaffe posing threats to mass gatherings and the supporters and players (of most teams) being at the front.

In 1946/47 Rangers won upon the resumption of the Scottish Football League with Celtic 14 adrift in 7th place.

Hibernian would “stop the 10” as it were the next year pipping the Oldco by 2 points, Celtic still very much with a hangover from the war came a remarkable 12th out of 16 teams and were just 4 points above relegation and a full 23 points from the title winners.

Our contribution to defeating white supremacists should never be forgotten, our club paid a high price, that those who bleat on about the war and their unelected German rulers should claim regional titles as national ones show their hypocrisy as much as their lack of class.

If you want to read up on Celtic’s wartime history then click here for the Wiki, I have provided links to the respective Leagues if you wish to check my sources.

Lies told often enough become the truth in Fitba, anyone claims 9 in a row twice for the Oldco, show them this.