Rangers Tax Case brilliant thread about “disaster waiting to happen”

Image for Rangers Tax Case brilliant thread about “disaster waiting to happen”

Renown Twitter account and blog Ranger Tax Case who brought us all the dealings of the 2012 debacle that lead to the death of the Oldco has posted again about the dangers of the current regime at Ibrox.

They appear on social media from time to time to point out the obvious issues with the governance of the game in Scotland and have been unable to ignore the hype that hides the truth tonight.

Tonight we watched a spirited performance by the newco and full kudos to them, they won fair and square, but at what real cost to sporting integrity?

This same club have made losses for 10 years after their predecesor club died chasing European glory.

I cannot remember how many share issues they have had of late, it is funny that they come without even a prospectus, merely announced after the fact knowing that fans will not buy in to have their shares diluted in a few weeks when another issue pops up.

Regardless, the suicide model employed by the Newco is much like that of the Oldco, until we get FFP in Scotland we will all be held at gun point over Armageddon whenever they can’t pay a bill, be it to the face painter, or the woman on the back of a coin they were sold for.

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