Rating Sevco

Sevco are in crisis.

Its stars took off with their money or are claiming it from rehab.

Its current team are lacking the length and breadth of the pitch and their current squad doesn’t look to have much improvement within them.

Looking at the current first team, i cant see one player who would even get a squad contract at Celtic.

This is how i rationally appraise the Newco:

Foderingham: A decent keeper against part timers, but looks out of his depth against quality.

Tavernier: Playing in the wrong position, he is named as a defender but spends all his time as an advanced wing back with no defensive ethic. He should be moved to the midfield and a dedicated defender recruited.

Hill: Arguably one of the worst signings in Scottish history, old and slow in defence and lacking any presence in attack.

Kiernan: Has played for 12 different clubs since 2008, 11 since 2012. A journeyman of limited footballing ability, after finally securing consecutive years at a club it will be interesting to see if he develops.

Wallace: Is a grass.

Windass: Has been brought to Sevco because he is related to a player in his father Dean, who would walk into the tribute acts first XI. Josh however is no Dean Windass, not yet anyway.

Halliday: A poor midfield player with a wicked shot who wishes he were a striker. The media have hyped Halliday up to ridiculous levels. The facts are he doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs, he goes missing for swathes of games and relies on his luck from distance instead playing men in on goal. Life contract.

Holt: He is a good prospect but far from the finished product, he would have no chance of being signed by Celtic.

Garner: A massive waste of money for a club of extremely limited means. Sebo comes to mind, a lot of games for not many goals bought on money they dont have.

Miller: Youth policy is in full swing, I cant believe they let Boyd go.

O’Halloran: Has butchered his potential moving to Sevco. A solid yet flawed player as we all know well.

All in all, Sevco have a team whereby not one of their players would displace a Celtic counterpart.

The players i am not outright dismissive of are Holt, Windass, Halliday and reserves McKay and Wilson.

These players have potential, the rest of them are either past there best years or are playing at The Rangers because they couldn’t get a job elsewhere.

Or maybe that’s they couldn’t get a payday anywhere else.




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