Annual General Mêlée

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It’s interesting to note that not one member of the SMSM is prepared to break cover on King’s borrowed millions. It’s now an open secret, but they’re hiding behind the cover of ‘sub judice.‘ In doing so they are allowing Rangers shareholders to walk into the Clyde Auditorium on Friday morning blindfolded.

These individual shareholders own just under ten million shares. The majority of them have probably cast their vote by post. They are honest, hard-working individuals who will not be able to take the morning off work. They will follow the action from the Twitter feeds of the STV.

However, the real horse trading is going on behind the scenes. Do the the real power brokers, who have skin in this game, allow King to turn up and brazen it out? This is a risky strategy, as Level 5 and Sub Judice may not be enough to stop someone with integrity going to press on Thursday evening to expose King’s subterfuge.


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