Record banned by Dundee, Celtic should move in solidarity against this filthy rag

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The Daily Record has again turned to muckraking to sell its decrepit lies to its loyal demographic, with Ra Peepul not playing until tomorrow or more than likely until it is rescheduled in better climes, a spurious story was needed.

No sooner had Dundee posted accounts with a mere £354,000 of debt being accrued in the year to May 31st, 2017 that the Fanzine posted “Dundee in deep trouble” which prompted a furious reaction from the Dens Park club, banning the Record and its sister publications from the venue.

Twitter then turned on the paper that gave Scots a ‘Vow’ (which never came to fruition) with many calling for the rag to be banned across all Premiership grounds.

What is all the more amazing is that Dundee completed a £1 million transfer for Jack Hendry to Celtic at the end of the last transfer window and even if these results were replicated this year would still see them £300,000 in the black.

Dundee are a well run club with shareholders who are not currently in multiple court actions, the core readership of the Daily Record cannot say the same.

Tomorrow’s headline should be an interesting one, with The Rangers due to play Falkirk but little to no evidence of prepartaions of the ground having taken place, it is likely to be postponed not due to the weather, but due to lack of people working on getting the stadium ready.

If this transpires then you can look forward to the usual guff, Moussa scored two goals today so I am sure there will be someone chirping in with a transfer for his own good story or comparisons to a Chinese bound buffalo.

Boycott the Record.