Record stoops to new low, begging for Celtic to lose

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I am after drink and rightfully so, my club is playing for its fourth consecutive honour and 65th unbeaten game in a sequence I frankly find incredible.

Like many, I am having a jar and flicking through the forums, gleaning a bit of last minute info, enjoying a bit of banter and eagerly awaiting kick off.

Then something amazing happened, i bumped into a screenshot of a DR article that is, in my opinion, the stupidest thing I have ever read in that stupid publication.

The plank with a pen is called Scott McDermott whose name suggests he enjoys a bowl of broth, let us just enjoy some of the pearls of wisdom that he has put forward.

It starts off talking about the reasons Motherwell are playing today:

But the Lanarkshire side aren’t just playing for themselves, their manager, their supporters and their town today.

They’re doing it for Scottish football as a whole.

Really, the whole of Scottish Football is hurting as much as you?

So why would this be so magical for Scottish Football and why wasn’t this article written about the best squad in the country before they played the Steelmen in the Semi?

But a shock Motherwell victory today – and an illustration of how this Hoops team can be breached – would be terrific for the Scottish game’s image.

Celtic’s dominance is great for Rodgers and the club’s supporters. And at the the moment, only a fool would bet against them going through a second consecutive campaign unbeaten.

But whether you like it or not, if that scenario plays out it will be embarrassing for every other side in the country.

And as for Scottish football’s general reputation? It would be at an all-time low if no other club can beat Celtic in 90 minutes over the course of two seasons.

Only a fool would bet against Celtic going 38 matches in all conditions beating every team in the land, some of them 4 times over?

What the hell are you on?

I remember the 9 in a row and for those of you too young to remember then count yourself lucky, none of the rest of us smile when we recount those dark days.

We were humped game after game, not even coming second in many years, winning basically nothing in a decade, it was horendous, but never once did i see this fanzine beg another team to beat the Oldco.

Never, not once, not in any publication, let alone the DR.

They are raging, they are hurting and their new club is dying, they cannot hide their desperation any longer.

The boot is on the other foot these days.

They are obsessed with us.

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