Record’s “tainted treble” headline a disgrace to alleged journalism

Image for Record’s “tainted treble” headline a disgrace to alleged journalism

It has been a while since we saw the shine off Sevco fans brass necks as they have had little to howl about these last few months, but Celtic’s win in the Scottish cup has exposed their fragile sense of superiority once more and the Record was gushing in spouting their bile.

The facts are that this deluded hotline is just a chance to get Billy from East Kilbride’s ideas into a headline of assorted clickbait so they can hide behind it.

It is cheap and sensationalist, best of all it is free click bait not requiring any journalism whatsoever, just repeating peoples ideas about concepts to complex for them to understand.

If the Record wants to talk about tainted trebles, google Murry and EBT together, you will find a couple there.

I seem to remember one where John Hartson had a goal chopped off for offside, we lost the league on goal difference in the Seville season where the likes of Klos were being paid on side letters and were imperfectly registered, but hey, don’t let that in the way of an anti-Celtic story.

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