Renaming Ibrox as Skintco searches for external finance

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External finance is proving a double-edged sword for the Ibrox tenant as its manufacturing deal looks set to cost it money instead of garner it for the beleaguered company.

Yesterday’s judgment gave a period for the two parties to come to an agreement over damages.

It is almost certain there will be no agreement as Ashley’s lawyers will look to pump them for over 10 million, the Newco bless had thought they found a loophole stating it would be a mere 1 mere million. 

This will likely go to the courts again with the judge called in to intervene with “many millions of pounds” already being spoken of.

There is, of course, another path for the 7-year-olds, they can grant Sports Direct naming rights to Ibrox for 10 years and an exclusive rights deal for the same period at the numbers MASH wants.

That would be a million a year waving the 10 in damages, itself a million time increase over the 1 pound those rights were sold for last time accounting for a good bit of business for the Newco.

Of course, Hummel may well want the rights themselves as they have been massively short-changed in their disastrous association with the Govan based outfit. 

Instead of Sevco having to pay money they don’t have back they could merely rename Ibrox the Hummeldome and save on a pay out.

They will need to find the money from somewhere, Big Mike looks keen to destroy Dave King which bodes poorly for the blue half of the city whilst he remains. 

At some stage they are going to have to cough up big time and then still go through the ignominy of having to grant Ash the rights to sell their kit anyway, a fact that seems to escape Ra Peepa. 

Maybe when we go to Mordor next we will have a new name for it, one that like 2012 will never be forgotten.