Republicans arrested in London as police start summary detentions without charge

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It has begun, the round up of anyone with a differing opinion from the sycophants is being arrested on any charge that can be thought of including having a megaphone which was at that stage unused.

Instead of merely confiscating the legal piece of technology he was handcuffed and put in the back of a police van, this is nothing short of barbaric.

Watch the scenes above, one man is sitting legs crossed on the ground and appears to be sobbing, the other man is walked off handcuffed and taken away to lock up on the charges of owning something which is legal to own.

Sky reports:

A man with an unused megaphone has been arrested in St James’s Park, with police claiming it could “scare the horses”.

Police were seen surrounding a handcuffed anti-monarchy protester at the park in London, with Sky’s Jason Farrell reporting that an officer said he “was in a crowd of monarchists and [the megaphone] could cause them distress”.

It was the latest in a series of arrests in the hours leading up to the King’s coronation, with several human rights organisations accusing officers of being heavy-handed in their approach.

Sky News reporters on the ground say more than a dozen have been arrested – and the Metropolitan Police have confirmed seven arrests so far.

Among those detained are the leader of anti-monarchy group Republic, who was led away in a police van just after 7am as he made his way to a designated protest site, and Just Stop Oil protesters who were arrested on the Mall near Buckingham Palace a short while later over their plans to go over the barrier.

But Just Stop Oil claims they 20 members have been arrested merely for “wearing t-shirts and dispute claims they had planned to jump he barrier.

‘Dystopian nightmare’

Footage on Twitter shows a police officer taking the details of Republic CEO Graham Smith.

In the video, one officer can be heard saying: “They are under arrest, end of.”

Scotland Yard said four people have been arrested on “suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance”, after they were found with lock-on devices. A further three people were arrested at Wellington Arch and are being “held on suspicion of possessing articles to cause criminal damage”.

A spokeswoman for Just Stop Oil said five demonstrators were also arrested at Downing Street.

She said the group’s plan was “only to display T-shirts and flags”, adding: “This is a dystopian nightmare.”

Onlookers to the arrests at The Mall sang the national anthem as the demonstrators shouted messages about climate change and the right to protest.

Some people approached protesters who were wearing handcuffs and told them to “shut up”, while others heckled the group and laughed at them.

‘Worrying’ use of new powers

Republic activist Luke Whiting, 26, said the group was arrested as they tried to bring yellow placards to a protest, and questioned if it was because “one of them was carrying a megaphone”.

He told Sky News: “We were very open with police about what we planned to do, which is hold a demonstration in Trafalgar Square.

Celtic fans said it best.

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