The Resolution 12 issue is just not going away. Stewart Regan yesterday appeared to leave the door open for not just an inquiry over the fraudulent European license granted to Oldco Rangers, but also into the continuity myth.

This summer just keeps getting better.

It is time to take this fracas out of Scotland and have a true “Independent inquiry”. One with no reassuring messages tagged to it. An inquiry would lead to a ban and a European ban for the Newco could go a long way to help secure 10 in a row for Celtic.

That because we have a better squad and have already won 5, their club is already in debt and continuing to spend. The Rand is falling and no Sevco shareholders have liquid cash to put into the Newco. So no revenue bar season tickets… and Europe.

The ramifications of a European ban are that Sevco would either need to refinance under a different regime, go into administration or actually sell Andy Halliday for what the ET and the DR think he is worth.

The entire Sevco economic model was to get through the lower Leagues in 3 years, become competitive and then win the competition at the 2nd bite of the cherry. This would then bring in European revenue should they qualify and provide another tranche for the pigs to put their snouts in.

They are a year behind on their plan as it is and will not be in Europe next season, if they were to get a ban for a further few seasons, would King stay around? Or would he cut and run?

With the trough to be dry for another 14 months minimum, if they were to get a 3 year ban that would mean no real revenue until 2020. They will die again without European money before then. We all know they will spend what they don’t have and when Wonga calls in its loans, the jelly and ice cream will be called upon once more.

The requisitioners want justice, they are investors who were fraudulently deprived of a potential dividend. There is no other way of looking at it. Sevco signed the 5 way agreement and pledged that they would take on the Oldco’s punishments, the buck stops at the top of the Marble stair case.

Should they be banned from Europe they wont attract top players, the current squad will become disgruntled and soon to be “Superstars” like Halliday, Wes and Waggy will move on to take spot kicks elsewhere.

The Newco has no room to maneuver on Resolution 12. They signed off on accepting Rangers (IL) footballing punishments, including fines that they then welshed on. The SFA took them to court and they lost and will have to pay expenses too. The same precedent will apply.

They say they have been punished enough, killing yourself isn’t punishment, it is a consequence of stupidity. The punishment begins now. It is time to drag Rangers/Sevco before UEFA and demand answers, demand justice and to demand sanity.

The delusion stops here.