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If a loan Ponzi scheme is to be effective, fresh loans must be provided. Rangers First CIC  will almost certainly loan King the shortfall required to underwrite the operating costs for the remainder of the season. The executives of Rangers First CIC, who will be appointed as recompense for their support of King, will point to the ‘new’ investors as indicative of the attraction of providing loan facilities. Given that these Real Rangers Men, the embezzler Barry Scott and the SEC censured accountant Andy Ross, have stepped up to the plate, does it behove RF CIC to play their part?

Prior to doing so, they should be apprised of the fact that Mr Ross and Mr Scott were both members of Mr King’s consortium who claimed to have raised £16m to refinance RIFC to their advantage. The email exchanges between  Dave King and Sandy Easdale are instructive. On October 22, 2013, at 3.59 pm, King wrote the following email titled ‘Sandy Easdale‘ to Paul Murray and George Letham: