RIFC miss accounts deadline with major ramifications with UEFA

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The Rangers have not posted accounts which were due today and this could have a massive bearing on their ability to play European Football next season.

With a chance at the new format of the Champions League at stake whereby clubs will play an extra match both home and away and due additional income from the TV rights deal, Sevco simply need to follow the rules or could find themselves banned from European competition.

This of course sounds a lot like the Wee tax case and the Resolution 12 requisitioners who have done everything in their power to get Celtic’s shareholders some factual answers with relation to the lost revenue Celtic suffered from a club (now liquidated) which was trading insolvent.

No one is saying that Sevco are trading insolvent, they have raked in approximately £120 million from this years disastrous Champions League, their Europa League run and player sales from Bassey, Aribo and Patterson so they should be flush with money.

Unless it has all gone into paying off loans or been trousered by greedy board members.

The facts are that you will not wake up to The Sun or the Daily record demanding answers about the state of the Newco’s finances, however, if we just let them bend every rule that all others abide by then seriously all we are doing is hurting the teams below them.

The likes of Hearts and Aberdeen have their own resolution to deal with now, either to demand answers, or to sit obediently and let the same old Ranjuurs do what they like when they like.

Saturday the 8th of April is UEFA’s deadline, this will be one to be closely followed.

For all the information provided there is still one comeback those who need their hard drives checked will fall back to.

Maybe there is more to this than we have been told.

I posted about this a week ago, if I am posting about it in 8 days, expect Hearts to be attempting to qualify for the Champions League in the summer.

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