RMT Union show love to Green Brigade’s display

Image for RMT Union show love to Green Brigade’s display

With the Tory battle for control of number 10 up for grabs between 2 of the most odious people in the Union of Equals and a general strike looming regardless of whom wins, the RMT have retweeted the Green Brigade’s display.

The tifo which was the length and breadth of the stadium is one which will be shown around the world, but this message is one that needs to be displayed across Britain.

The facts are the prices of everything have gone up but wages haven’t, further more the prices on the stock exchange and the prices on the shelf or at the petrol pump are miles away from reality.

With the Tories threatening to cancel the right of working class people to strike, there literally has never been a better time to exercise that right.

If you do not, higher prices, less rights and a perpetual Tory government are the price you will pay for listening to the Sheeple.

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