Rodgers clearly a class above, if they sign Murty, they gift us 8 in a row

Brendan Rodgers has a song for a good reason, the man is fast becoming an icon let alone an idol, his legend grows with every game he manages.

We have swept all before us domestically for nearly 2 seasons and the double treble is in our sights, one reason for this has been Rodgers and Browns combined magnificence either side of the white line, the other is the comic book gaffers assembled across the city.

It began with Warbo, himself a product of his own creation, a man who commanded a daily presser with the sycophants hanging off his every word, the Magic Hat, however, was dropped in the mud in the last competitive game before the Premiership campaign.

Hibs beat the Newco and secured their first Scottish Cup in 114 years, he went from the Daily Radar to a recluse in the space of 90 minutes.

He returned to work, signed a pack of numpties and has-beens and continued on like the Magic Hat was still shining from the Peepuls high point in their 6-year existence, a penalty shootout vs Celtic.

Thank God we lost, thank God they pissed Desmond off, who could have dreamed of our improvement?

Pound shop Mourinho came to the rescue after a brief interregnum by Murty, oh how we miss Pedro, not so much his pathetic results, more his absolute delusion, his ridiculous even fantastical statements which pushed sanity to its very edge.

Still, Brendan went about his business all the while the consummate professional.

When Pedro lost the dressing room he lost his job and in stepped Murty again, he started of shaky and the Peepul were mute, then he strang a few wins together and the superiority complex came back to the fore.

Tina Turner was once again on the playlist, they had drawn Celtic and a new dawn was all the noise from Ibrox.

But like Warbo and Pedro, Murty is drastically outclassed, the only difference between him and them is that he hasn’t deluded himself that he wears a magic hat nor has the best squad in the country.

He knows he is a puncher vs a prizefighter, he knows he is fighting out of his basement with a duffle bag full of dirty towels as a punching bag against the 100 million quid man across town.

His January transfer budget of loans that will be paid after the season ticket money comes in, after they pay off Close Brothers can give him clairvoyance as to how much he will have available to him in the summer.

Tuppence if he is lucky, Bosmans and players no one else wants.

The current squad at Govan was clueless, had it not been for Boyata they barely would have had a shot.

We made them look good, we won’t make the same mistake at Hampden.

Should Murty be reappointed Sevco are gifting us another title, they will beat the teams that walk onto the pitch already mentally defeated by a club they perceive to be world record holders.

But when that 6-year old sham comes up against the Champions, the mental scarring will be reversed.

Over 38 games, over 4 derbies, over 2 transfer windows and the course of a season, Murty has no chance against Rodgers, we know it, they know it and after squandering such a golden opportunity, I believe Murty knows it too.



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