Rodgers shunned by family over Celtic exit whilst claiming football is “unsentimental”

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Celtic fans have not forgiven nor forgotten Brendan Rodgers leaving Celtic, it is the same for his family members who he has revealed will not even speak to him after betraying the club.

‘I have family who were just distraught that I had left Celtic, they just couldn’t believe it,’ Rodgers told The Beautiful Game Podcast.

‘I have relations that haven’t spoken to me since the day I left Celtic.

‘It meant so much to them.’

‘I felt at the time when I left Celtic, the team was eight points clear. And when you think of all the season up until that point, Celtic had always won the League by double figures. The previous season we won by 30.

‘So I felt, strategically, ‘OK we’d won the League Cup, we’re eight points clear in the League and then the team is then in a good position in the Scottish Cup as well.’

‘If it was one point I couldn’t leave. But I felt and when I spoke with my staff and then took the ultimate decision: The team is in a good place, there’s a mentality now within the team’.

‘And not just in hindsight, you feel the club will continue and go on and win the treble again.’

Prioritising Leicester over Celtic the former manager explained the need to watch the players in a run in of no consequence.

‘I can come into Leicester where I can look at the team under pressure for ten games and then see how the players are.

‘Then I can build something in the summer to come into this season and then take off.

‘Again, there are for’s and against’s that, but ultimately you have to be unsentimental in football because this is a business.

‘You love football, and I love football, it’s incredible, but it’s also a business, and when you have to make decisions, you have to be unsentimental.

‘You carry all of that too much, and you’ll never do anything.’

‘I had some unforgettable memories at Celtic that will live with me for a lifetime that I still think about now.’

As unforgettable as those memories are, emotions are by their nature sentimental, forgive us for having no sentiment for you Brendan and long may you stay away.