Rodgers to Villa, China, Toon, Slippy linked no where, because he is mince or loyal?

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You know it is an international week when stories abound that have nothing to do with Football, we have had a feast of it in the last few days, first, it was Griffiths no-show, then Gazza in and out of the Hall of fame and now the press has another Brendan away story.

But there is a greater subtext at play, we should be flattered at the interest that has been shown in our manager and also his undoubted loyalty to the Green and White, he has turned down huge money in the Orient and turned down an opportunity to lead a big club in Villa.

The idea of him going to Newcastle is by rights an even bigger move, they are in the Premier League and have a larger stadium and following, that said with big Mike as the owner he knows full well he can expect a transfer kitty of pennies and a level of expectation unsurpassed in Football.

Apart from the Intertoto Cup in 2006, itself a disbanded trophy with 11 winners which served to get you into the second tier UEFA Cup, Newcastle Utd haven’t won a trophy since the FA Cup in 1955 and haven’t won the League since 1926-27.

People think Tottenham is on the back of a drought!

It is a poison chalice in Football, trying to win a trophy for a team which has no fans alive who last saw it win anything but has 60,000 fans turn out every other week expecting success with an owner who is the king of zero hour contracts.

But I digress, why isn’t Slippy being linked with these positions?

He is the most fantastic thing since sliced bread, a revolutionary, a man who has changed the ground in Scotland, a legend among men, a true leader etc, is his desire to go for 55 so well known that the media do not even bother asking him if he wants to go and manage in the Premier League?

Or is it like he said, he will only go to a top 4 club.

If that is the case then why are we not hearing about Slippy taking over from Jose at Man U?

I mean the former youth coach said it was one of the few clubs he would leave Rangers for, I am yet to hear the media link him with the position, as soon as Jose falls over I wonder in what half of the odds and at what price Brendan will be linked with a move there?

All in all, we know the reason Slippy isn’t linked with a move anywhere, he is an untested quantity who has average results and isn’t seen as a step up for any of the clubs in question.

His team is currently 6th in the Premiership, his recruitment looks poor, his tactics are one dimensional and oh yes I remember, he was schooled at Paradise by Brendan.

Every time there is a managerial vacancy at another club, Brendan will be linked there, the media is desperate for him to go, the first time we will see Gerrard linked anywhere will be the exit door from Ibrox when the Peepul get sick of being below us.