Rodgers with a war chest is Sevco’s greatest nightmare

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Pinch me i’m dreaming, is the talk in the main stream media of a £1 million a year salary for Rodgers and 10 to 15 million pound war chest for transfers and wages really true? If so then i would personally like to thank the gents at the Record and ET for nagging Ronny out and forcing our board to finally spend on quality.

If the talk is true and the signs are all good, then Celtic will have more than the pull of playing for our great club and the Glasgow Derby to draw players, we will have Brendan Rodgers too. Celtic need a massive trim of the deadwood and a strong manager can do it in a stroke. We must acquire a few players this summer, but we do not need a lot of personnel, just some quality personnel.

One of Rodgers great strengths as a manager and why he has always been popular with the fans is that he plays proactive, aggressive and attacking football. For all the talk of the Magic Hat and its ability to beat butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, Rodgers is the real deal. He has played an attacking brand of football against the super powers of world football from the humble beginnings of Swansea.

Brendan Rodgers has never given an inch as a manager and should he become our next manager he will inherit players of the skill of Christie, Roberts and Tierney as well as being able to promote our invincible youths to mount a challenge on the continent and go on to secure 6 in a row.

Sevco have been waiting to go up before opening their “Warchest” waiting for the right time to bring in a flurry of Bosmans. As Dave King scours the internet for news of another out of contract, cheap or unwanted player, it is Celtic who may have been waiting all this time. The board has been pilloried for its lack of investment and vision, today the news is of a clear vision and of major investment.

This is the Shames worst nightmare, a manager unambiguously better than theirs, a Warchest which contains Pounds Sterling and not Rand and in Rodgers we would have a manager who would demand something that Deila never received from the SMSM: Respect. On the back of our highest ever sponsorship deal, it is time for our highest ever managerial deal. If Celtic sign Brendan Rodgers and give him a transfer kitty over £10 million, he will lead us back to Europe and onward to 10 in a row.

It is time to make our great club great again. Sign the man up!