Rogic and Dembele transfers worth more than Sevco

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There is a lot of talk in the media about Dembele and Rogic leaving this summer along with the usual guff about Tierney leaving as well, the latter shows no interest in leaving so I will focus on the other two.

Dembele has seen his worth fluctuate from £14 to £30 million depending on who you are talking too, what we do know for sure is that he won’t be moving for less than £20 million, we already turned that amount down last season.

So if Moussa was to go for £20 million + it would represent a massive turnover on a £500,000 development fee that was paid to Fulham.

Next up is Tom Rogic who himself was the subject of rumours to Arsenal for a reported £7 million when he had just 1 year on his contract when Brendan had just arrived.

He signed on for 3 years and is now entering the end of his second year meaning that if he doesn’t sign a new contract we risk losing him for nothing.

The club and fans would love to see him stay but if he wants a new challenge Celtic will cash in on him after the World Cup in Russia.

If he has a good showing for the Socceroos better teams than Southampton will come knocking for the big Aussie and at a premium.

He could easily garner the club another £10 million if he attracts multiple suitors and these combined transfers would be higher than Rangers entire yearly accounts of £29 million.

Odsonne Edouard is being touted as the ready-made replacement for Moussa and will cost the club 7 million euros, with Griffiths still on the books this looks a good move as we rarely play 2 up front.

There will likely be a new signing to complement the two as well, meaning Celtic will be in for a cash bonanza whilst still adding to the team.

The loss of Dembele will be easier to fill than the loss of Rogic, it is unclear what if any future Stuart Armstrong has with the club and whatever we make from Tam we won’t find a better player in that position.

Hopefully, he stays and is signed up for the 10 in a row.

If he had 3-4 years on his contract, you wouldn’t be able to sign him off us for anything less £10 million and the only clubs entertaining a move would represent dream moves for any player.

Better he stays and if he does move goes to a top club than play his football somewhere between mid-table in the Championship and the relegation places in the Premiership.