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Royale Union troll Newco with Unique angle

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Poor Sevco have seen their challenge against a Belgian team who haven’t played in Europe in 58 years laid bare, or maybe laid out for the Bears.

The 2 goals are great viewing whatever way you look at it, but the facts are the more you see both the less you think that McLaughlin will be between the sticks next week.

The first goal he gave away was criminal, this angle shows really how poor his skills as a keeper actually are.

The funny thing is that the Ibrox club have signed a playter they said goodbye to in the Scottish Cup final last season.

Greegsy will be a strong contender for the Newco when they play at Ibrox unless McLaughin keeps a clean sheet on the weekend.

By the way “buts” means goals in French, I google translated it if you do not believe me try the same.

Celtic and Old Firm fans were all over the post.

Should the Belgians hold on, the going concern sign will go up at Ibrox and the laughter on Twitter will become deafening.

Newco Rangers have never won a game in the Champions League qualifiers, the last time the Oldco did was vs Buraspor in 2010.

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