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  1. “It is extraordinary that representatives of other Scottish clubs – who admit the damage done to Scottish football by Rangers’ removal from the Premier League – should even wish to re-engage with this issue.It is time those individuals, who represent other clubs, recognize their legal and fiduciary responsibilities to their own clubs and shareholders rather than submit to the uninformed ramblings of a few outspoken fans to whom attacking Rangers is more important than the well being of their own clubs.This is a misguided attempt (that will ultimately fail) to rewrite history and defeat Rangers off the park when their teams could not do so on the park at the time. The history of many other clubs would have to be rewritten if this illogical argument was to be consistently applied.”
  2.   ‘We discussed the importance of Rangers to Scottish football, repairing and improving the relationship with our fellow clubs. The last few years have brought challenges not only to Rangers but to Scottish football as a whole. I will primarily rely upon Stewart (Robertson) to build the ongoing relationship however I would be grateful if during the course of 2016 I could have the opportunity to meet as many clubs as possible.’

The aforementioned statements are by career criminal Dave King. Number one was written as a response to the news that HMRC had prevailed at the Inner Court of Session.This successful appeal had a number of ramifications. Dave King was a director of a company that engaged in  illegal tax avoidance schemes. Dave King was a director of a company who issued a denial that side-letters were attached to the Employment Benefit Trusts. Dave King was party to a conspiracy to lie to HMRC and the SFA. As a former director stated in 2002, everyone knew they were cheating but they thought they would get away with it. Mr Adam was prescient in his analysis. King and SDM (who charged Rangers £500,000 per annum for his ‘expertise’) and others did get way with it.


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