Rudy Galetti’s Jota update gives hope to Celtic

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The Jota saga continues in Saudi Arabia with the Portuguese winger incredibly on the outer after just 3 games in the gulf state, it is almost as if they bought the wrong Jota such is the hostility toward him.

That actually wouldn’t surprise me after his welcome video had a pack of cards with players seldom to never seen in Hoops.

Rudy Galetti has taken to Twitter to tell his 102,000 followers that Jota has been told to find a new club.

By entourage you must assume this is his agent, if his agent has been told to find him a new club with just a few days left in the transfer window then getting him back on loan at Celtic is always an option.

He would fit seamlessly back into the team and as long as Ittihad paid the overwhelming majority of his wages then he would be able to come back into the team without any hassle.

There will be many who will say that this is a stumbling block, the facts are that every single team in football will be wary of paying the majority of his wages which are reported at Β£10 million a year.

Whilst we love him and know his quality, it is hardly as if he will be commanding a shot at a last 16 team in the Champions League and on his rate of wages everyone else cannot afford him.

This is one to watch, we heard about the toxic atmosphere surrounding the Ittihad dressing room somehow blamed on Jota, if they want him away for the year, we are his best option.

Ittihad will need to pay a large amount of his wages wherever he goes, may as well send him to us where he can be assured of Champions League football and a starting place.

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