Schrödinger’s Cat

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“I am a big believer in business fundamentals – yes me and Warren Buffet.

That means ignore the details and the day to day stuff and step back – way, way back – and look at the BIG stuff in front of you. Now in the case of Rangers imagine:

Imagine an Ibrox with no civil and criminal cases hanging over it.

Imagine the refurb of Ibrox and Murray Park is complete.

Imagine the books are balanced and all debt is cleared.

Imagine a loan facility has been obtained from a major bank.

Imagine no onerous contracts

Imagine no Ashley merchandise deal

Imagine a share listing has been restored on AIM or ISDX.

Imagine the squad has been brought up to upper EPL / CL group stage standard within budget.

Imagine there are no directors that liquidated a very similar company on the board.

Imagine none of the directors have criminal records.

Now, my question to you is simply this. Would you headhunt King and Murray to steer this ‘stable’ business forward to great things over many years to come?

They have no track record of doing anything positive in business.

They have built nothing sustainable.

They have maintained nothing sustainably.

They have turned around nothing.

They have delivered nothing promised

They are the anti-matter of good business management, business integrity and business intelligence.

Warren Buffet will tell you that he first looks at the books of a take over target to understand WHERE IT IS. He then looks at the management team to understand WHERE IT IS GOING.

King and Murray will take this ‘stable’ company to the wall in a decade or less.