Scrounging Queen steals £369m more

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The monarchy are again showing not just they are a waste of money, they are also showing they shouldn’t be given anymore.

Buckingham Palace like any place of residency needs to be maintained.

The facts are that the Queen at the age of 90 gets over £40m just to breathe, their largest expenses are noted as Garden parties and holidays, what about a bit of upkeep?

No different to Sevco, the house is falling in on the institution.

It is no surprise really, the Queen has hardly kept her Kingdom United or her Empire in good order, she is the great liquidator.

Not merely Oldco Rangers, she has handed back every African colony, the Raj, and the rest of Asia and now holds onto a few pebbles in the Atlantic to go alongside Pitcairn where the folk have a penchant for all things Prince Andrew.

The great thing about Queen Elizabeth II is that she will be remembered as a book end between her and her name sake.

The British Empire can be measured between the first Elizabeths victory over the Armada and the current dictators liquidation of all possessions her father hadn’t already given away before inbreeding took care of him.

But as she continues to reign, she has again been able to scrounge.

Let us put this into a contemporary analogy:

Just say there was this little old woman who had been on benefits her whole life and had never worked.

The government had proactively given her extra money to maintain her house as it happened to be heritage.

Years later it was found that the scrounger had been spending all the money on parties and holidays.

The government therefore decided to give her a 66% pay rise, on the back of the last pay rise she received last year.

Does that sound fair to you?

If so hold your breath, oxygen cant be wasted.

The queen is yet again pilfering the public pocket at a time where there are over 3500 people sleeping rough.

The fact that there are people who are so deluded as to believe in this junket of waste in the name of superior culture and a long dead past is frankly pathetic.

That the majority of sycophants are working class is however depressing.

Why people are loyal to the Queen when they have little to nothing as they shiver and starve throughout the winter, whilst the Queen enjoys hundreds of empty rooms in her Palace is a mystery.

Some people truly are broken.

Maybe they should pay for the entire £369m if they think she is worth every penny.

I will send someone out with a bucket.