You have to hand it to Alex Rae, a man who won trophies for the Queens XI without paying Her Majesty her share of tax, the tainted wee man is screaming like a banshee trying to make a name for himself as a pundit and self appointed advisor to the Newco at the same time.

In a long and deluded rant he called into question Celtic’s relation with the SPFL without making any concrete allegations, he went on to complain that the evidence which has been dismissed shouldn’t have and needs looked at again.

What for exactly?

Look at it until we see something that isn’t there?

The dossier was called embarrassing by Lawwell who himself would never table something so long in text yet so short on detail.

The idea that a possible 10 million pound black hole should the season be called to an end is a scandal when there are people on that side of the fence calling for Null and Void meaning all money including those already paid would be returned is ludicrous, as is much of Rae’s rant today.

Speaking in The Sun:

“I think it’s a wee bit naive to suggest that there is no evidence until you look at the full picture.

“Until you actually look at all these particular grievances, to suggest that there’s no substance to it is just ludicrous.

“I think for me, it’s important to try and get to the bottom of it.

The bottom of what exactly, all the clubs saw the evidence in detail, they were all given a copy and two thirds dismissed it.

“If people are actually accepting the unacceptable and saying let’s move on, how do we ever improve? That’s the thing.

“There’s people saying that the SPFL are putting squeezes on clubs to act in a particular way or there might be ramifications.

“You take the Lowland League chairman saying there might be places taken away if they don’t adhere to a particular way of thinking! That for me does not sit right.

For starters the Lowland League are not members of the SPFL and have no voting rights, they are allowed a playoff place at the SPFL’s discretion and are party to its rules and regulations.

As for squeezes on clubs, well if you want money based on final standings you have to finish seasons to actually get access to that money, Doncaster made that abundantly clear on BBC a week ago.

“If that is the common practice and people are happy to move on with that, that kind of stuff does not wash with me.

“It doesn’t sit right at all. I’m not even sure the SPFL are willing to look at some of this stuff further down the line.

“It’s almost a case of this didn’t happen, move on.

Incoherant gibberish as usual, this doesn’t wash with me, boo hoo sweet heart, look at it down the line, what exactly, get all the clubs together again to look at 200 pages worth of drivel, Rangers have held a gun to Football’s head for a month only to produce a comic strip in a folder.

“If you don’t continue to look at your working practices and why they’ve been questioned, you will never improve as a governing body.

“And for me, they have to look at this stuff.

“If you’ve got a third of your members questioning these practices, it would be beyond belief to not try and take the concerns of the members you represent seriously.

Take them seriously? If two thirds of your members vote against you surely you have to take that seriously, lets remember they needed 75% and didn’t even get half of that number.

“I’m not exactly sure what Celtic’s relationship with the SPFL is.

“But let me just put it bluntly, it did not surprise me that Celtic spoke up prior to the vote and subsequently after it.

“Not in the slightest because they’ve just been sitting back.”

Yes Alex, we have been sitting back, watching your little club drive itself into hyperbole screaming threatening, lobbying and utterly failing, with a day in court their only available option they are now standing on the edge of a momentous decision.

“But there possibly is still another avenue for them to go. For me, they should pursue it if they feel strongly about it.

“How do they build trust unless they actually pursue it because they are not being true to themselves.

“So by all means pursue it but only if they feel it’s the right thing to do.”

Should they take the SPFL to court FIFA and UEFA will take notice, they could well find themselves banned from the latter’s competitions, the loss of income would be catastrophic.

Not to say that when a Judge has a 200 page dossier talking about non member leagues not sitting right with a pundit, the audit by world renown Deloitte, a 65% vote against the resolution and not a scrap of evidence worth tabling in a boardroom let alone a court the Newco will itself be named in court as ludicrous, deluded and embarrassing.

Let us all pray that The Rangers take this to court, the Banter Years are about to go up a gear.