Selling Rodgers fails… what next for the desperate SMSM?

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This year we have had to put up with endless speculation about Moussa Dembele and Kieran Tierney leaving Celtic with every hack in Scotland trying to sell our assets for us.

After both players came out and publicly stated not only their happiness at remaining at Celtic but their desire to continue their development in Glasgow, the media has changed tack.

The SMSM has decided Rodgers is off to Arsenal and he is taking Armstrong and the rest with him too.

Did anyone asked Brendan Rodgers if he would bite the hand to leave the project he has just begun?

We have had a variety of people speak for Rodgers that he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity due to his ‘ambition’ including Andy Gray whilst lamenting Celtic’s dominance with Ally McCoist.

Rodgers however came out with the following:

“I am comfortable here and sometimes that ambition, you have to be careful, you have to appreciate what you have and I feel very happy here.

“There is not a place in this world I could be right now where I would be happier in my football life and personal life.

“It is only the start for us. I have the responsibility to the supporters.

“I am one of them, I know what they think and what they want and I want to try to bring them as far to that as I possibly can, and when my time is up, I will leave a legacy that they can smile about and have enjoyed.

“But until that moment comes, which hopefully won’t be for a while, I am very content.”

Basically Brendan has come out and debunked everything that has been said since Charlie Nicolas merely said that he should be in the running for the Arsenal job.

From there the Lamb corp saw it as their duty to get the job done and like a FOI request from the State Aid guy immediately were filled with hope that there was indeed a quick fix to all the Newco’s problems.

Unfortunately for Them their problems are about to get much much worse.

HMRC has a judgement due that will shake the sport to its very record books, King has a few weeks to raise millions or fold his interest and MASH is poised to hit them with a monumental compensation bill.

These things don’t rate a mention in bonny Scotland, instead we have works of fiction and satire in publications themselves dying slow deaths.

Those very papers are dying as their owner readership doesn’t believe what is in them anymore.

They don’t use direct quotes, you know, the way journalism is done everywhere else on the planet.

Instead we have people dreaming aloud in the abstract, their deluded conceptualisation of reality is based on what is conditional, hypothetical or rhetorical.

Rodgers, like Celtic’s dominance is here to stay.

It will be interesting to see what the SMSM’s next plan of attack is.

After the last 5 years of literal lunacy, nothing will surprise me.