Sevco fans on Twitter are a strange breed, they are triumphal one minute bitter the next, they also have a strange complex whereby they believe they are the targets of xenophobia.

More often than not they are attacking people who are different to them, be them Catholics, Republicans, Blacks, Socialists or basically anyone who doesn’t define themselves as ‘Staunch’.

Rangers Spares didn’t disappoint and Celts were on hand to point out their hypocrisy.

For starters, the alleged racist attack on Morelos was widely discredited with the alleged Celt putting Ivory coast flags up with “mon the ra”, itself nothing that we ever say and a flag only the OO seem to misunderstand.

Tonight they go up against St. Johnstone with a chance of putting a buffer on Celtic as we await our next match, expect this patter to only increase over the next few weeks.